Groosman.co Startups, provides experienced guidance and hands-on management of projects in multiple areas. Our customers are among local and national governments, universities, event organizers, startups, investors, large companies and NGOs. See which of our services match with your needs.



Startup Environment Building & Growth

Since over ten years, Benno Groosman has been working in the international startup environment. He started as an entrepreneur, now he is also the founder of pre-incubation programs, advisor of accelerators, and startup mentor. In Groosman.co Startups we gained the expertise and skills that are required to build a solid and growing startup environment.

Startup Funding & Early Stage Investing

Benno Groosman has knowledge of and first-hand experience in startup funding and early stage investing. Groosman.co Startups can act as the bridge between startups and investors, in order to match funding needs with investment opportunities. With our milestone-based funding approach, we leverage funding options for entrepreneurs and reduce the risk for the investors.

Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader

Benno Groosman speaks at events over the world, where he inspires and educates thousands of people. At events and workshops, he can share the lessons from his own startup journey and beyond. From funding of medical technology ventures, to the ups and downs of a bankruptcy; Benno Groosman can cover a wide range of topics.

Intrapreneurship & Innovation Development

Established companies need entrepreneurial employees in order to create innovative products and new services. Groosman.co Startups can educate and train employees to grow their entrepreneurial mindset. To support your company’s intrapreneurship ambitions, Groosman.co Startups also helps in setting up company incubators and corporate venture funds.