When the Web Summit spirit met the city of Athens the result was an activating event that gave the visitors a small taste of the experience in Lisbon the upcoming November. The Web Summit Meetup of Athens took place at the Orange Grove incubator, and was organized by Groosman.co Startups.


Entrepreneurial minded people from various countries and industries were interested in gaining more insights regarding the Web Summit and networking with people that share the passion for startups. The Meetup started with a speech from Web Summit Ambassador Benno Groosman. He talked about his experience at the last year’s Web Summit. Benno considers the Web Summit week his “startup holiday”, combining fun and serious business.

Later, our guest Marcelle Xavier, who just arrived from Brazil and used to work with Benno in Tropos Lab shared her experience of her project Love Hacking. Love Hacking is helping people to rethink and co-create new forms of love that makes sense in transition times and love-based systems.


After the speeches, the event continued with a relaxing meetup with pizza, beers and music. The pizzas which were left, were donated to the Boroume foundation. Real connections were made between people who will go to the Web Summit together, and this week some people will even meet to discuss new projects.

The next Web Summit Athens Meetup will be in October. Follow the Groosman.co Startups Facebook page to be the first to know all details!